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The beauty of your business or home has likely served you well over the years, but with this enjoyment comes wear, tear, and the eventual need for an update. Some people may have to come to face the reality that their business or home’s aesthetics are looking a little dated.

TGJ Contracting, who started as a pint company, is here to serve as your professional painters for commercial, hotel, multifamily, and residential projects of all sizes. Our team has top-notch skills and expertise needed to generate lasting value and pride in the outcome of your project. No matter the scope or budget of your improvements, our painting contractors are ready to provide unmatched results!

Many businesses and homeowners have to decide whether or not to schedule professional painting services or take on the project alone (not recommended). We will highlight seven benefits below associated with hiring a professional painting company to take on your project.

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Seven Benefits Associated with
Hiring a Professional Painting Company

Professional Inspections

Our Las Vegas based contracting company provides effective handyman services to deliver affordable repairs and upgrades to business and home owners. It helps to have a knowledgeable professional on-hand to inspect areas of concern before painting, including the siding, fascia, soffits, and more. You can take on the inspection work yourself, but keep in mind that you will be looking for signs of rot, mold, structural damage, and more. Trained paint professionals can provide lasting repairs before applying paint, ensuring that the structure is safe and stable. Ignoring problems such as mold will only lead to worsening headaches, so be sure to consider a professional if you are concerned!

From minor repairs to major overhauls, it’s important to invest in prep work!

Safe Results

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Unless that something is painting your business or home. Our team undergoes regular training and refresher courses to keep up to speed on the safest painting techniques, preventing injury to both people and property. TGJ Consulting wants you to enjoy your updated space, and we go to legendary lengths to ensure you love the results.

No accidents, just quality results!

Exceptional Finishes

You cannot rush quality, but luckily, our professional painters have the equipment and experience to generate luxurious results without the luxury of waiting. Professional painters will provide you with a time frame for completion and stick to that window, allowing you to coordinate other pieces of your remodeling project. Compared to the days or weeks required for DIY painting, quality outcomes from a trained team can be completed in mere hours.

And if you need more time, we will never rush a project … ever!

Clean Outcomes, Always

Completing your own project can be rewarding, but keep in mind that minor mistakes may come back to disappoint you later! Professional painting companies strive to maintain a quality reputation, as they will go to great lengths to ensure that you benefit from a clean finish and home. The result is a crisp, precise outcome without any scratches, color changes, or any other surface defects.

Less Anxiety for You

While painting is often started with excitement, but the hours can quickly lead to frustration and exhaustion. TGJ Contracting offers professional painting services to reduce your stress. We take on the hard work and provide you with a luxurious finish.

Remember, when it comes to painting your business or home, you will have to complete several steps in addition to your normal daily activities:

  • Plan Your Project — Professional painters plan ahead to maximize accuracy and efficiency.
  • Acquire Materials — You will need to procure the right materials for the job, including brushes, rollers, tarps, tape, and enough quality paint to create a nice finish.
  • Prep Work — Cleaning, repairing, and taping your surfaces before painting is essential. This process may be simple, or it could end up taking a couple of days!
  • Painting — Skillfully painting your interior or exterior surfaces takes time and patience. Minor errors can lead to lasting frustration, so be sure to build some time into your painting routine!
  • Cleanup — Once everything is dry and assembled, you’ll need to give your project space a thorough scrubbing.
  • Insurance Coverage — If the unexpected were to happen, your painting company’s insurance will be able to provide the means to make it right. This is essential in the event of an injury or property damage.

Give us the stresses of your project and be left anxiety free!

Modern Looks, Timeless Appreciation

Regardless of your project, it’s important to find a look that complements your other updates and lasts for a long time. Many clients turn to the TGJ team for all types of paint projects, as our designers know how to choose the right look to create that “WOW” factor. We deploy modern techniques and innovative schemes to ensure you really like the way your paint project looks.

We offers complete drywall services in addition to painting for full-service quality you can trust. We can create smooth, seamless finishes and unique designs to bring your renovations to life.

New builds, additions, or restorations, our team can and will do it all!

Lasting Value

One major benefit of hiring professionals for your interior or exterior painting project is the improvement to your property’s curb appeal. This will make it much more enticing to potential buyers, increasing your property value in addition to creating a result you will love to look on for years to come.

The complete quality offered by the professionals at TGJ Contracting ensures you benefit from lasting results. Your finished surfaces will be free from chips, flakes, or any imperfections, creating a sturdy surface capable of outshining heavy weather and sunshine.

If you want your interior or exterior paint to last, it often pays to reach out to trained professionals like TGJ Contracting.

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